Castle of Chernelytsia

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Castle of Cerneliţa, 1607-1636. Patrimony number 251. Monument of national value. It is located in the Chernelytsia village, Khorodenka county.
The construction of the castle from Chernelytsia was started between 1607-1636. The works were completed in 1659. Over 13 years, the castle of Chernelytsia suffered the first damages during the war with the Turks. The same thing was repeated in 1676. After the war, the castle was rebuilt.
The castle played an important role in the Polish-Turkish war of 1685-1690, being considered one of the easternmost fortresses of the Rzeczpospolita on the right bank of the Dniester. The last owners left it in September 1939.
Today, the objective is in a deplorable state, but its former grandeur and defensive capacity can still be seen, attracting tourists and ancient architecture enthusiats.
The defense walls of the monument reach a height of 6 meters, their thickness reaches 2.5. Inside there are embrasures for firearms. On the entrance tower of the castle, you can see the coat of arms carved in stone “Pursuit”. The citadel has underground spaces – attractions for speologists and treasure hunters.

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