“Saint Demetrius” Church

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“Saint Demetrius” Church, the year 1850. Patrimony number 738. Monument of local value. It is situated in Polyanytsia village, Bolekhiv Local Council.
The existing wooden church was built in 1850 on the site of an older one, also made of wood. In the 19th century, it was a branch of the church in the neighbouring village of Tysiv. The canonical visit took place in 1909. Later it was rebuilt, the narthex becoming twice as long and gaining another level. The rooftop structure rests on the rafters’ ends. In 2010 the walls under the church belt were clad in woodwork, and above the belt – with polished metal sheet. Until the repair, on the wall under the eaves of the narthex was placed a large canvas with the image of the “Lord’s entry into Jerusalem”. During the 2010 renovation, all the tops were covered with Damascus steel.
In the southern part of the church, a wooden bell tower in a square plan with three levels has been preserved, the exterior of which has been repaired in the same way as the church. Next to the church, there is a stone chapel, closed, with the image of the “Most Holy Mother of God” located under the roof.

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