The “Nativity of the Virgin Mary” Catholic Church

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The “Nativity of the Virgin Mary” Catholic Church, the year 1839. Patrimony number 1207. Monument of local value. It is located in Dolyna city, Antonovych Street.
The Catholic Church is one of the oldest places of worship in the city and, according to one version, dates back to the 15th century. After founding the Roman Catholic parish in 1426, the area’s inhabitants built a wooden Catholic church on the outskirts of the city. However, contemporary historians have not identified the location of that place.
The Catholic Church has been restored countless times, so today, its exterior looks very different from the original. The wooden church was set on fire by the Tartars in 1594. In 1674 a new one was built in its place, but until 1825 no one took care of it restoration and preservation, and according to the documents, it reached an awful condition.
That is why it was decided to build a new church, for which a place in another part of the city was chosen. The Catholic stone church dedicated to the “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, which still enjoys the eyes, was built in 1835.
In 1889 the church was renovated. Then the central tower was built, the windows widened and the clock was installed. In 1934 the murals were restored, and the stone bell tower was built. In 1944 the place was closed, and in 1992 the repairing works were resumed.
The Catholic Church was built in the Gothic style. The entrance to the church is accentuated by a tower that rests on two durable rectangular rooms. The stairs leading to a large balcony where the organ once stood were rebuilt in one of them. In the other, there are the boiler and the pantries. The exterior walls are decorated with square semi-columns. The altar had imposing dimensions and, together with the organ, were brought from the old church. Unfortunately, the musical instrument was lost.

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