“Saint Francis of Assisi” Catholic Church

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“Saint Francis of Assisi” Catholic Church, the year 1857. It is located in Deliatyn town, Nadvirna district.
The Roman Catholic Church of “Saint Francis” is the most important monument in Deliatyn. The place was founded with the participation of emperor Franz Joseph. The Austrian monarch arrived on the day of the beginning of the construction of the cult edifice and placed, with his hand, some stones in the foundation of the future monument, throwing some gold coins at the corners of the construction. On the territory next to the Catholic church, the emperor planted four cedars brought from Vienna. This event took place in 1857.
The Catholic Church was built in 1857-1865 in memory of Emperor Franz Joseph’s visit to Deliatyn. In 1924 a new tower was built instead of the one destroyed during the First World War, and the roof was restored.
Until 1945, the church functioned and was not closed even during military operations. Later, the rooms of the place were used as an armament depot, then in the 1970s, a section of the forestry plant functioned in it. Not correctly cared for, the building got deteriorated.
The architectural monument is made in Romanic and Gothic styles. The high rectangular construction is decorated with large, narrow and arched windows, stone eaves on both sides, and a three-level tower adorned with a cross, an annexe with a faceted roof.

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