Church of “Saint John the Merciful”

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Church of “Saint John the Merciful”, the 1830s. Patrimony number 1138. Monument of national value. Located in Yaremche city, Yamna hamlet, Svobody Street, no. 304.
The first attestation of the local church is found on a list compiled by Bishop Iosif Shumleansky from Lviv in 1701, where the church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The existing dwelling was erected in 1830 on the site of the old one.
The church and the bell tower are unsurpassed examples of early Hutsul sacred architecture. The shrine was devoted to the famous saint through his patience and tolerance towards those around him. The bell tower is made in the shape of a cross. The church rests on a clearly pronounced central beam, above which rises the tent-shaped tower with a cross on its top. The current tin roof has replaced the old shingle roof. The bell tower is kept next to the church. It has two levels and is also built of wood. On the second level, there is a splendid covered gazebo. The Church of “St. John the Merciful” with bell tower is one of the oldest and most harmonious sacred buildings and the monuments of national value in Yaremche.

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