“Elevation of the Holy Cross” Church

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“Elevation of the Holy Cross” Church, the year 1878. Patrimony number 1030. Monument of local value. It is located in Odayv village, Tlumach district.
The church is made of wood and has the shape of a ship. Built in 1878 at the expense of the community, the first in the locality. It is said that the church was bought in the village of Radcha, Tysmenytsia district, and moved to Odayv. The church was consecrated a second time and dedicated to the “Elevation of the Holy Cross” (in Radcha it had been devoted to “Uspenia”).
The wooden church is part of traditional architecture and has a four-level iconostasis. The church windows have been replaced with new ones, made of wood, which is not characteristic of our times. The exterior walls of the church are lined with panelling. In the southern part of the church, a little higher on the slope, a small two-level wooden bell tower has been preserved, the walls of which, like the church, are painted blue and yellow. Likewise, but with an addition of tile colour, the concrete steps at the entrance to the church were painted.
Inside the house, practically nothing of the original decoration has been preserved. In addition to the church, there is a monastic community.

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